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Want high value lawn care that packs a punch? Santa Clara Landscaping is the premier provider of quality lawn care in Santa Clara, CA. We’ve worked with numerous clients in Santa Clara and San Jose, and offered fantastic service that improved the lifespan, longevity, and property value of countless lawns.

Since Santa Clara Landscaping first started, we've learned to take pride in our craft, and have been diligent in maintaining our reputation as one of the best in the business and the Santa Clara Valley area. We don't just offer fantastic lawn care - we offer peace of mind, and our team is committed to understanding our customers' needs, meeting those needs with quality products, and providing excellent ongoing maintenance for your lawn.

When you work with us, we’ll help you establish a beautiful yard that is tailored to your needs using the most up-to-date technology and lawn care products. Our team of professionals is adept at creating both natural landscapes and lush, suburban oases, and we incorporate both landscaping and hardscaping approaches to maximize the quality of every job.

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Lawn Care Near Me Santa Clara CA

Affordable, Reliable Lawn Care...

Our company offers a variety of different lawn care options to suit your needs without breaking the bank. Included in these services are:

  • irrigation installation and maintenance
  • fertilization
  • weeding
  • lawn aeration
  • landscape design services
  • lawn feeding
  • seasonal lawn dethatching
  • leaf clearance and many more.

We also offer a range of work types, from regular repair to one-time tune-ups, all with the same level of excellence and professionalism. The cornerstone of our success is our commitment to customer service: it is our goal to build professional relationships that last a lifetime. From making sure your plants have the right light at the perfect time, to provide you with a service that is tailored specifically for you, Santa Clara Landscaping will have you loving your yard!

Lawn Maintenance Santa Clara CA

You can also rely on us for tree and plant care services or assistance with irrigation systems or sprinkler installation. We can provide hardscaping services for concrete sidewalks, patios, or decks. And if your yard needs a new look, our landscape designers will come up with a plan to meet your needs, while ensuring it stays within your budget and schedule preferences. Over the years, our team has built a strong reputation for reliability in all of our services provided. Whether you're hiring us for weekly yard maintenance or for a one-time task like weed removal or spring yard cleanup, we'll get the job done right the first time. Our goal is to do such fantastic work that you can’t help but recommend us to friends and family - so the better we do for you, the better you’ll do for us!

You can trust our skilled landscapers to be knowledgeable about the best new techniques that are constantly evolving, such as organic gardening and sustainable landscaping. We stay up-to-date on cutting-edge trends in landscaping and invest a significant amount into research and development to improve our ability to provide high-quality service. Interested in beginning your lawn care program? We’d love to help! Contact Santa Clara Landscaping today to find out what type of service would work best for you.

Santa Clara Landscaping FAQs

It really can. High quality landscaping is often one of the first things a buyer will see and take into accoutn. And it undoubtedly adds curb appeal. It also speaks to how well you care for the property and a well-landscaped property can see up to 10% added to home valuation.

Over the hot California summer we recommend watering 2-3 inches a week, ideally early in the morning, whether by rainfall or irrigation. When it’s cooler you can trim that to 1-2 inches a week.

Hardscapes are the man-made, permanent structures built into your yard and property -- paths, patios, driveways, decks, retaining walls, fountains etc. Whereas softscaping refers to the organic, natural elements of the garden -- plants, lawn mulch etc.

It's not essential, but it does make maintaining the health of your lawn and plant beds a whole lot easier. And a drip watering system can help with water conservation, ensure you reach all corners of the garden, and above all, save you time.

Making sure your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs is essential to maintaining its health and shine. Fertilizer is one way to do this. It slowly releases organic nutrients into the soil promoting revitalization and growth. We recommend applying it once a year in spring.

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